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3 Ways AI Sets the Stage for a Sustainable Aviation Recovery

Despite the great challenges linked to the recovery of the industry, stakeholders remain firm in their quest for more sustainable aviation. With ambitious decarbonization goals set for the next years, there is a great emphasis on harnessing technology to improve operations and infrastructure usage. What opportunities can artificial intelligence bring to promote greener practices?

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Air Cargo Market: What to Expect in the Coming Months

Air cargo remains the bright spot for the aviation industry. In April, IATA reported airfreight volumes continued to increase, and were up by 12% compared to the same month in 2019. However, capacity utilization remains a constraint which may slow down the growth of the global air cargo market. What other factors could be mapping out cargo business for the next months?

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How can Airports Prepare for Operations at Security Checkpoints Post COVID-19?

As some countries enter a period of “gradual normalization”, airports prepare for increasing traffic. Ensuring they are operationally ready for it will be critical to moving forward in the recovery process. The security checkpoint is a key terminal area, where fluent processes and the safety of passengers must be guaranteed. What solutions can help airports face upcoming challenges?

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3 Challenges Faced at Airport Security Control as Air Travel Rebounds

Airport security control is one of the main points of a passenger´s journey, but also one of the biggest sources of bottlenecks. The processes involved are so time intensive that operators need to closely coordinate staff and resources to avoid running out of capacity. The Coronavirus puts additional pressure on that sensitive system by creating additional requirements. Read here about the challenges confronting the security checkpoint.

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Aircraft Turnaround Revolution in the Era of Sanitized Travel

From enhanced cleaning routines to physical distancing measures, fulfilling COVID-19 safety requirements can extend the time for aircraft turnaround. As airlines add more flights to cover travel demands this summer, the surge of potential capacity bottlenecks puts ground handling operations under pressure. Read here how airlines can optimize the time jets spend on the ground between flights.

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Summer Travel 2021: How Can Airlines Prepare for Demand Take-off (vol. II)

Looking forward to a bright summer season 2021 – Airlines prepare for demand to rebound as experts predict an increase in leisure and “visiting friends and relatives” travel. However, the patchwork of quarantine and testing regulations that apply to different destinations is forcing carriers to plan their operations very carefully. How can they do that? Find out here.