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Aviation Wrap-up April 2024: Sustainability in Focus

2024 brings a technology overhaul, with emerging tech revolutionizing airport operations. IATA’s new report addresses the environmental impact of single-use plastics, aligning with airlines’ sustainability efforts. The latest AviationPros podcast provides expert insights on taking a proactive approach to sustainability and creating a green optimization initiative from INFORM’s SVP Uschi Schulte-Sasse. Finally, OAG reveals the ‘Top 10 Busiest Global Airports in the World’. Find out more here.

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Navigating the Holidays with Smart Airport Solutions

The holiday season may be one of the most wonderful times of the year, where family and friends reunite to celebrate together. However, for travelers, it can be a headache as it´s historically known for very busy airports and flight delays. In this article, you’ll discover how smart airport solutions enhance the convenience of passenger journeys during this festive season.

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3 Strategies to Address Aviation´s Ground Handling Labor Shortage

Across the industry and around the world, ground handling service providers are faced with several challenges. It’s not just about the operations, with teams out on the apron working in a complex environment, under time pressure to get aircraft departing on time. The sector continues to struggle with the loss of qualified manpower. What can be done to address this problem especially amid the summer season? Read in our blog post strategies to address aviation´s ground handling labor shortages.

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Airlines Take the Initiative to Green-up Their In-Flight Services

While sustainability has become a major focus for airlines, the emphasis has largely been on areas such as fuel alternatives. In-flight services have not been that much of a focal point. That is now beginning to change. Not only are airlines recognizing the opportunities to develop more eco-friendly in-flight services, but they are also seeing the potential savings to be gained. Read here some of the initiatives that carriers are already taking.