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Aviation Wrap-Up November 2023

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In November, the aviation industry continued to leverage the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and broader digitalization tools. Concurrently, the sector maintained its commitment to researching and finding ways to further reduce emissions. Finally, insights from the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA’s) 2023 Global Passenger Survey emphasized speed and convenience as top priorities among air travelers. Read more here.

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Simple Picture, Complex Matter: The OTP Triangle

On-time performance is not an option. It’s mandatory! This principle has become common sense in aviation and a matter of competitive strength. In recent decades, airlines have increasingly focused on how to improve OTP. Given the many tasks involved in preparing a flight for departure, how can airlines achieve this? The key lies in 3 factors that are part of the so-called OTP triangle. What are they? Find out here.

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3 Strategies to Address Aviation´s Ground Handling Labor Shortage

Across the industry and around the world, ground handling service providers are faced with several challenges. It’s not just about the operations, with teams out on the apron working in a complex environment, under time pressure to get aircraft departing on time. The sector continues to struggle with the loss of qualified manpower. What can be done to address this problem especially amid the summer season? Read in our blog post strategies to address aviation´s ground handling labor shortages.

Aviation News Featured Stories

Aviation Wrap-Up June 2023

Aviation is currently experiencing many new and exciting developments. Low-cost carriers (LCCs) are gaining ground and now make up almost one third of global airline capacity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being adopted across different areas within aviation to improve efficiency and reduce staff workload. Additionally, the industry is placing greater emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to address workforce shortages. For more, read our monthly wrap-up.

Airlines Featured Stories

Ready for Summer? Peak Season Challenges Punctuality in Aviation

Last year´s air travel summer season was a bit chaotic. Flight delays, and endless lines made travelers´ vacations more than stressful. This summer, experts warn the situation may not differ much. Passenger numbers are expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. With the operational issues that put punctuality in aviation in checkmate not yet resolved, what can the industry do to overcome the challenges? Find out in our blog post.