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Aircraft Turnaround Revolution in the Era of Sanitized Travel

From enhanced cleaning routines to physical distancing measures, fulfilling COVID-19 safety requirements can extend the time for aircraft turnaround. As airlines add more flights to cover travel demands this summer, the surge of potential capacity bottlenecks puts ground handling operations under pressure. Read here how airlines can optimize the time jets spend on the ground between flights.

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Summer Travel 2021: How Can Airlines Prepare for Demand Take-off (vol. II)

Looking forward to a bright summer season 2021 – Airlines prepare for demand to rebound as experts predict an increase in leisure and “visiting friends and relatives” travel. However, the patchwork of quarantine and testing regulations that apply to different destinations is forcing carriers to plan their operations very carefully. How can they do that? Find out here.

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Ready For the Ramp-up: How To Avoid Crowding At The Baggage Claim Area

Expecting busy days this summer, airports have been catching up on planning how to optimally distribute travelers across their facility. Once passengers are off of a flight, the baggage claim area is the location where overflows can hardly be avoided. Read here some strategies operators can put into practice to ensure minimum distancing by luggage pick-up.

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4 Tips to Implement Technology at Airports Amid Budget Constraints

The pandemic has hit airports not only from an operations standpoint, but also from a customer perspective. While experts agree that the industry will restart gradually, the question is how to build back with the existing capacity. Innovation can help to adapt and meet new requirements. Read our tips to implement technology at airports in times of financial constraints.

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Technological Innovation: A Core Strategy to Support Airport Recovery

From large hubs to small local airfields – the Coronavirus continues to challenge airports worldwide. With the focus on rebuilding passenger confidence in air travel, operators are looking at digitalization to meet airport recovery goals. New passenger behaviors highlight the importance of solutions that enable sanitation and physical distancing. Read here why leveraging technology is so important today.

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Passenger Special Services: How to Make Air Travel Accessible in the New Normal

The pandemic has forced aviation to rethink the entire concept of travel. Strict sanitary measures are being implemented throughout the passenger journey like never before. As the world waits for full vaccine deployment, the industry should keep in mind how regulations affect travelers with reduced mobility. Read here, what are the challenges for passenger special services.

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What are the Challenges for Air Cargo Companies in 2021?

With the eyes of the global community turning to the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, the aviation industry is gearing up to play a critical role in the distribution of millions of doses of it throughout 2021. From revamping handling procedures to adapting more and more passenger jets for cargo-only flights – what are the challenges for air cargo companies in the upcoming months?