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Aviation Wrap-Up May 2023

The previous month brought positive developments on different fronts. OAG´s list of the busiest international airports confirms an increase in global air traffic. Airline customers are also revealing their preferences for digital options when it comes to customer service. Additionally, IATA outlined new priorities for ground handlers to gain greater resilience. More news here.

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Ready for Summer? Peak Season Challenges Punctuality in Aviation

Last year´s air travel summer season was a bit chaotic. Flight delays, and endless lines made travelers´ vacations more than stressful. This summer, experts warn the situation may not differ much. Passenger numbers are expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. With the operational issues that put punctuality in aviation in checkmate not yet resolved, what can the industry do to overcome the challenges? Find out in our blog post.

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Aviation Wrap-Up April 2023

We closed out the first quarter with mixed results for the aviation industry. ACI reported significant achievements by airports toward net zero emissions goals. On the other hand, airlines continue to struggle with aircraft turnarounds as travel volumes increase. Air cargo volumes are still making news, especially after the publication of the world’s top 10 busiest airports ranking in cargo handling for 2022. Read this article for more news.

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4 Aviation Trends for 2023 to Watch for

2022 has been a year with ups and downs in the aviation industry. The sector had to face several challenges including inflation, severe staff shortages and rising oil prices. But, as many things in life there was also a brighter side. In fact, despite ongoing financial pressure, aviation proved once more to be a strong and resilient industry. The ease of Covid travel restrictions worldwide boosted passenger traffic recovery to the extent that aviation is now expected to return to profitability this year. What else can be expected looking forward? Read here four 2023 aviation trends.

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Aviation Wrap-Up October 2022

Despite ongoing challenges including supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and other troubled economies in many regions, the aviation industry continues to rebound. Some airlines even managed to improve their on-time performance, taking Latin American carrires the lead. The past month was also very positive for the air cargo sector, with scheduled cargo tonne kilometer(CTK) increasing by 18.7%. Read more news in our monthly wrap-up.

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Aviation Wrap-Up July 2022

With passenger travel continuing its ascent, the industry as a whole could see profitability in 2023. In North America, profits are already expected to reach $8.8 billion this year. On another note, the European Commission has proposed restoring normal slot usage. The ”80:20” usage rule is said to be aligned with the current air traffic recovery. Air cargo sector news highlights the challenges airports and airlines face in engaging next generation workers and the need to accelerate recruitment efforts. Find out more in our monthly wrap-up.

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Making Air Cargo Transportation More Sustainable

Every year, over US $6 trillion worth of goods are carried by air, accounting for approximately 35% of world trade by value. Supporting reliable, efficient and cost-effective air cargo transportation is paramount to strong regional economies and the aviation industry’s recovery. A key component to this reality is sustainability. From clean fuel alternatives to leveraging optimization software to enhance resource management – read here some initiatives to make air cargo transportation more sustainable

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Aviation Wrap-Up June 2022

The aviation industry’s recovery is clearly underway but challenges remain. Passenger demand continues to increase, but capacity issues persist due to staff shortages and changing Covid regulatory procedures. For cargo, which had been one of the bright spots during the pandemic, ground handling bottlenecks are driving higher air cargo rates. The promise of sustainable aircraft fuels (SAFs) is still high in the minds of airline and airport executives, but these fuels are not yet widely available. Add to these challenges, increasing cyber threats targeting airports and airlines and it is evident that the industry is still in the midst of a difficult period. Read this and more news here.