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Ready for Summer? Peak Season Challenges Punctuality in Aviation

Last year´s air travel summer season was a bit chaotic. Flight delays, and endless lines made travelers´ vacations more than stressful. This summer, experts warn the situation may not differ much. Passenger numbers are expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. With the operational issues that put punctuality in aviation in checkmate not yet resolved, what can the industry do to overcome the challenges? Find out in our blog post.

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Sustainable Aircraft Towing: Where Do We Stand?

Typically, airliners have to run their jet engines in order to move along the runway. This however increases fuel consumption and thus carbon emissions. With this in mind, airports have been accelerating measures to reshape their aircraft towing process. One of the initiatives gaining track is the inclusion of new technologies such as semi-robotic vehicles. Read in our blog post what advanced technologies is the industry using to facilitate a more sustainable aircraft towing:

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3 Ways AI Sets the Stage for a Sustainable Aviation Recovery

Despite the great challenges linked to the recovery of the industry, stakeholders remain firm in their quest for more sustainable aviation. With ambitious decarbonization goals set for the next years, there is a great emphasis on harnessing technology to improve operations and infrastructure usage. What opportunities can artificial intelligence bring to promote greener practices?

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Business travel to Denmark: My Experience

When the pandemic halted travel worldwide, corporate travelers had to pivot quickly from in-person meetings and events to virtual ones. Now with vaccination rates increasing, the reactivation of business travel is slowly beginning to resume. In this article, INFORM´s Inside Sales Manager Mojca Ferlic shares her latest experience on a business trip to Denmark.

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Our Ultimate Tips on How To Improve OTP At Your Airport

Airports worldwide rely on on-time performance (OTP) to handle disruptions effectively, optimize their use of resources and increase passenger satisfaction. To stay competitive in a highly dynamic industry faced with new challenges due to the pandemic, it is crucial to keep looking for ways to improve OTP − but how? Our tips can help with boosting your operations plan.

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In aviation on-time performance (OTP) refers to the level of success of the service remaining on the published schedule. Make sure that your success story is great - and on time!
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