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Aircraft Deicing 2.0: Mastering the Challenges of COVID-19

To ensure a safe take-off during the winter, operators place special attention on aircraft deicing. Since this process is time and cost consuming, it must be executed efficiently to avoid delays. Unlike previous years, the Coronavirus adds some complexity. Specifically, companies must comply with new safety regulations, while dealing with reduced capacity. How can these challenges be overcome?

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How to Build Airport Operational Resilience to Overcome COVID-19

With the Coronavirus restraining air travel worldwide, airports face one of the biggest challenges in history. Processes must be adapted to address new health risks as cost-efficiently as possible. Measures like physical distancing help keep the public safe. But what about the long run? What strategies can help to build airport operational resilience?

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In aviation on-time performance (OTP) refers to the level of success of the service remaining on the published schedule. Make sure that your success story is great - and on time!
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