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COVID-19 and the Challenge of Managing Flight Schedules

The changing governmental restrictions and volatility in air travel demand make it difficult for carriers to have stable flight schedules. Booking cancellations and flight delays due to COVID-19 further spread results in high operational costs. This situation also impacts passengers´ confidence to travel again. Read here, what carriers can do to improve their schedule management.

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How To Train Ground Staff During Challenging Times?

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are changing ground services. To adapt to the New Normal, airport personnel must deal with tasks they have not done before. The development of new competencies is critical. Due to social distancing, traditional classroom-based learning may no longer be feasible. How then can companies best train ground staff?

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How to Make Airport Operations COVID-19 Compliant

From enhanced cleaning to physical distancing, the Coronavirus is reshaping airport operations worldwide. As passenger traffic begins to increase, managers have to face new regulatory requirements for keeping services running. Meeting these guidelines is key to ensuring the public’s well-being and remaining competitive. Read here, how health protocols can be planned efficiently within airport processes.

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4 Post-COVID-19 Strategies To Cut Airport Costs

In a context where security, safety and an enjoyable passenger experience are critical, airports face great pressure to develop future-proof operations. With no certainty when business will get back to normal, measures aimed to cut airport costs take central stage. Read here what strategies can help to improve processes and achieve efficient spending.

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In aviation on-time performance (OTP) refers to the level of success of the service remaining on the published schedule. Make sure that your success story is great - and on time!
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