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Planning For Enhanced Aircraft Cleaning in The New Normal

The cleanliness of an airplane has never been more important. In a recent IATA passenger survey, 79% of the respondents showed concern about catching COVID-19 on a flight. A thorough planning of aircraft cleaning measures is essential to reinstall confidence in air travel. Read here what managers can do to optimize the implementation of enhanced sanitizing.

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How to Build Airport Operational Resilience to Overcome COVID-19

With the Coronavirus restraining air travel worldwide, airports face one of the biggest challenges in history. Processes must be adapted to address new health risks as cost-efficiently as possible. Measures like physical distancing help keep the public safe. But what about the long run? What strategies can help to build airport operational resilience?

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Restoring Passenger Confidence in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Airlines and airports worldwide will have to brace for a lengthy recovery. They find themselves hampered by low demand as people postpone their travel plans due to COVID-19 concerns. To overcome this, the industry must adjust to changing customer expectations. Read here what steps the industry can take to restore passenger confidence.

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In aviation on-time performance (OTP) refers to the level of success of the service remaining on the published schedule. Make sure that your success story is great - and on time!
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