Enhance Your Airline On-Time Performance by Improving Line Maintenance

Line maintenance is an essential part of flight operations and its activities are prioritized above all others. Yet, this importance leads in many cases to inefficiencies tolerated in the name of safety-first, negatively impacting on-time performance.

In this 20-minute webinar, we will explain why this doesn’t need to be the case. We will explain how improving the efficiencies of your line maintenance operation ultimately leads to better on-time performance and what steps you can take to start putting these concepts into practice.

Learn from our line maintenance expert:

  • The impact of line maintenance on on-time performance
  • How to start thinking long-term when planning your line maintenance
  • The differences of planned maintenance vs. unplanned maintenance with respect to OTP
  • How to deal with unplanned maintenance and avoid flight delays
  • How to go from a reactive approach to line maintenance to proactive approach
  • How to improve the productivity of line maintenance staff
  • How to make line maintenance more predictable

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