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On this website you will find news, tips, best practices, and latest trends in the aviation industry. All Things On Time Performance is a blog for aviation enthusiasts worldwide. We research, create and share exciting and informative content for airlines, airports, ground handlers and everyone else who has aviation in their DNA. Our categories Airlines, Ground Handling, Airports, Air Cargo, Aviation News, 5 Questions to are looking at on-time performance in aviation from different perspectives. Our mission is to help the air travel industry to reach their goals. Today’s competitive and challenging industry is creating pressure from all sides: passenger expectations and experience, regulatory complexity as well as economical and ecological goals. We are there to face these challenges by providing support and solutions for the industry.

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At All Things On Time Performance, we all share a common passion –  the complex and exciting aviation world makes our hearts beat faster. We are a small team of aviation experts and our focus lies on creating attractive content for you. 

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All Things On Time Performance is powered by INFORM Aviation.
INFORM GmbH is a provider of a comprehensive software suite for the optimization of aviation processes. It fulfills all requirements of the companies involved in airline and airport operations and covers a wide range of solutions, such as

  • Ground Handling,
  • Aircraft Engineering,
  • Airport Operations and
  • Hub and Turnaround Management

and helps customers to run their operations smoothly and cost-effectively while improving punctuality and passenger satisfaction at the same time.

As a global leader with over 200 installations in more than 170 airports worldwide INFORM has especially proven its effective and long-term capacity for innovation. Both the inclusion of new trends and technologies (Web applications, software as a service (SaaS), autonomous GSE,…) as well as setting new standards distinguishes INFORM’s high market presence.

Their flagship product GroundStar is a modular, highly scalable and 100% “Made in Germany” software solution.