Author: Sandra Gaviria

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Aviation Wrap-up May 2024: New Regulation, Summer Travel and More

Learn of the critical factors expected to impact this summer airline travel. Get the scoop on how one winning team of female students showed aviation ingenuity in how they increased London’s airport sustainability and uncover how newly proposed legislation will forever change how ground handling operations will be regulated across European Union. Read here our monthly wrap-up.

Aviation News Featured Stories

Rising Demand and Challenges Ahead for Summer Travel 2024

Get ready for a record-breaking summer travel 2024! As global passenger traffic surges past pre-pandemic levels, airlines are gearing up for a busy and profitable period. However, with rising demand come significant challenges, from aircraft delivery delays to operational complexities. Discover in our latest blog post what lies ahead for the aviation industry and how it plans to tackle these hurdles to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Aviation News Featured Stories

Aviation Wrap-up April 2024: Sustainability in Focus

2024 brings a technology overhaul, with emerging tech revolutionizing airport operations. IATA’s new report addresses the environmental impact of single-use plastics, aligning with airlines’ sustainability efforts. The latest AviationPros podcast provides expert insights on taking a proactive approach to sustainability and creating a green optimization initiative from INFORM’s SVP Uschi Schulte-Sasse. Finally, OAG reveals the ‘Top 10 Busiest Global Airports in the World’. Find out more here.