Author: Sandra Gaviria

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Navigating the Holidays with Smart Airport Solutions

The holiday season may be one of the most wonderful times of the year, where family and friends reunite to celebrate together. However, for travelers, it can be a headache as it´s historically known for very busy airports and flight delays. In this article, you’ll discover how smart airport solutions enhance the convenience of passenger journeys during this festive season.

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Aviation Wrap-Up November 2023

In November, the aviation industry continued to leverage the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and broader digitalization tools. Concurrently, the sector maintained its commitment to researching and finding ways to further reduce emissions. Finally, data insights reveal speed and convenience as top priorities among air travelers. Read more here.

Aviation News

Aviation Wrap-Up October 2023

October was a month in which the global aviation industry continued to grapple with ongoing challenges relating to demand and capacity, labor shortages, new aircraft production delays, and geopolitical tensions. The industry, however, is motivated and proactively seeking a range of solutions to improve its operations. Find out more in our monthly wrap-up.