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Aviation Wrap-Up May 2023

The previous month brought positive developments on different fronts. OAG´s list of the busiest international airports confirms an increase in global air traffic. Airline customers are also revealing their preferences for digital options when it comes to customer service. Additionally, IATA outlined new priorities for ground handlers to gain greater resilience. More news here.

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Ready for Summer? Peak Season Challenges Punctuality in Aviation

Last year´s air travel summer season was a bit chaotic. Flight delays, and endless lines made travelers´ vacations more than stressful. This summer, experts warn the situation may not differ much. Passenger numbers are expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels. With the operational issues that put punctuality in aviation in checkmate not yet resolved, what can the industry do to overcome the challenges? Find out in our blog post.

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Aviation Wrap-Up April 2023

We closed out the first quarter with mixed results for the aviation industry. ACI reported significant achievements by airports toward net zero emissions goals. On the other hand, airlines continue to struggle with aircraft turnarounds as travel volumes increase. Air cargo volumes are still making news, especially after the publication of the world’s top 10 busiest airports ranking in cargo handling for 2022. Read this article for more news.

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Aviation Wrap-Up March 2023

Pandemic-related challenges seem starting to diminish. However, the aviation industry, like others, is being impacted by current economic conditions. In particular, global goods trade has been affected by troubled economies across the globe. On the bright side, airports are hitting their stride with many now operating at pre-pandemic traffic volumes. For more, read our monthly wrap-up.

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Aviation Wrap-Up February 2023

February proved that the aviation sector continues to evolve in response to market conditions. For air cargo operators, the month ushered in new concerns over stricter screening rules imposed by the Certified Cargo Standard Security Screening Program (CCSSSP). All of this is occurring as the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions proved to have the busiest airline routes in February. Read this and more news in our monthly wrap-up.

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Aviation Wrap-Up January 2023

There is a lot for the aviation industry to be optimistic about as we wrap up the first month of 2023. We are already seeing a pronounced return to pre-pandemic levels for global aviation activity. In addition, many airlines are experiencing improved on-time performance with some airlines leading the pack on punctuality. Read this and more news in our monthly wrap-up.

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4 Aviation Trends for 2023 to Watch for

2022 has been a year with ups and downs in the aviation industry. The sector had to face several challenges including inflation, severe staff shortages and rising oil prices. But, as many things in life there was also a brighter side. In fact, despite ongoing financial pressure, aviation proved once more to be a strong and resilient industry. The ease of Covid travel restrictions worldwide boosted passenger traffic recovery to the extent that aviation is now expected to return to profitability this year. What else can be expected looking forward? Read here four 2023 aviation trends.

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Aviation Wrap-Up December 2022

In the run-up to year-end, let’s take a look at the latest aviation news.
According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), the next two years should see continued strides in the aviation industry’s recovery with some sectors faring better than others. Notably, passenger airlines are expected to return to profitability in 2023; however, business travel will be impacted by rising air fares on key business routes. Meanwhile, cargo may see a decline in volumes, yields, and profits due to uprising challenges. Read more.