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Passenger Special Services: How to Make Air Travel Accessible in the New Normal

The pandemic has forced aviation to rethink the entire concept of travel. Strict sanitary measures are being implemented throughout the passenger journey like never before. As the world waits for full vaccine deployment, the industry should keep in mind how regulations affect travelers with reduced mobility. Read here, what are the challenges for passenger special services.

Airports Featured Stories

4 Steps to Effectively Implement Social Distancing in Airport Operations

The Coronavirus has forced airports to rethink their business. As the pandemic unfolded, physical distancing became the norm to limit the virus spread. Now that travel numbers have been gradually increasing, questions have been raised about how feasible it is to keep this measure. Read here, what steps can help optimally implement social distancing in airport operations.

Airports Featured Stories

How to Make Airport Operations COVID-19 Compliant

From enhanced cleaning to physical distancing, the Coronavirus is reshaping airport operations worldwide. As passenger traffic begins to increase, managers have to face new regulatory requirements for keeping services running. Meeting these guidelines is key to ensuring the public’s well-being and remaining competitive. Read here, how health protocols can be planned efficiently within airport processes.