OTP Ranking – Who Is Most Punctual?

The 2018 punctuality rankings on top airports and airlines wordwide are shown as tables of 20 each based on on-time performance (OTP). OAG, the source of these rankings, defines OTP as “flights that arrive or depart within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival/departure times” including cancellations.


On top of the world’s largest airlines’ ranking is LATAM Airlines Group having achieved an OTP of 85.60% followed by two major Japanese players: All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines with on OTP of 84.43% and 83.99% respectively. Having that said, there are some well-known American airlines that should be mentioned such as Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines and American Airlines, all high-ranking between 83.08% and 77.65% OTP. European carriers such as Lufthansa, British Airways, SAS and Air France can be found, too, with an OTP of between 75.78% and 69.41%. Thanks to Chinese Civil Aviation Authority’s collective focus on improving OTP, China Southern (71.52%), China Eastern (70.62%) and Air China (68.84%) all show high OTP rates.

Airlines by OTP


The average on-time performance in 2018 among the world’s biggest airports is 77.1%. Seven out of the top 20 airports in this category are in North America including Atlanta (82.23%), Denver (80.65%) and Los Angeles (79.95%) with a further six in Asia Pacific. Tokyo Haneda Airport leads the ranking with an on-time performance of 85,62%. Six of Europe’s biggest airports also make it into the top 20 in this category: Madrid, Amsterdam, London Heathrow ranking between 79.16% and 74.06% OTP.

Mega Airports by OTP

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